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30 August message from Alanya’s business people

30 August message from Alanya’s business people

ALSİAD Chairman of the Board Ali Kamburoğlu made a press statement regarding the August 30 Victory Day.[/divider_space]

In his statement, President Kamburoğlu said, “Despite all the impossibilities, the Great Offensive and the Battle of the Commander-in-Chief, one of the greatest heroic epics of the world, ended with victory on August 30, and took its place in the pages of history as a great example of heroism where faith turned into victory and a struggle for independence.

I sincerely believe that with this victory the nation has won, its existence and strength are derived from the unity, solidarity and brotherhood of breasts full of faith, and that this unity it has created throughout history will enable us to overcome all kinds of internal and external troubles that we will face from now on, as it has been until now.

As Atatürk said; ‘ The shed Turkish blood, the spirits of martyrs flying in these skies, are the immortal protectors of our state and our republic.’

With these feelings and thoughts, I once again commemorate all our martyrs and veterans who passed away, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Commander-in-Chief of the great offensive, with mercy and gratitude, and I congratulate the ” 30 August Victory Day ” of our beloved nation and Turkish Armed Forces with my sincere feelings. .