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Sri Lanka-Turkey Trade Relations

Sri Lanka-Turkey Trade Relations

Trade Between Sri Lanka and Turkey

The strategic location of Sri Lanka has attracted many countries and has created great opportunities in the spheres of the trade. Currently trade volume between the countries is around 180 million US $ which has not reflected friendship, brotherhood and closeness between people and political hierarchy of the Sri Lanka and Turkey.


The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Turkey has initiated a robust and aggressive campaign and action plan to increase tourism, investment, cultural ties, people to people contacts and the trade volume in upcoming years to benefits to people and business community in both countries. Sri Lanka – Turkey Joint Commission for Economic & Technical Cooperation (JCETC) established to enhance trade, investment, and tourism, technical and cultural cooperation between the two countries will be meeting soon this year in Colombo. Turkey –Sri Lanka Business Council established under the umbrella of DEIK and Trade Desk for Turkey established under the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka has added to efforts of the Embassy’s initiatives to enhance trade and investments.


Presently Turkish Airlines flights operations from Istanbul to Colombo have given a boost to connect two countries people. Furthermore Sri Lankans have been given an opportunity to witness glimpse of Turkish culture and the beauty through quality television series shown in Sri Lanka’s main television stations. Currently there are four Turkish television series shown in Sri Lanka which are very popular among Sri Lankan folks. Sri Lanka is determined to utilize the potential that Turkey provides. Despite the pandemic situation in 2020, Sri Lanka managed to achieve some remarkable gains in Turkish market and Turkey has become top ten export market for Sri Lankan products in 2020. World’s finest Ceylon Tea, healthy Ceylon Cinnamon and spicy super Spices, classy and quality natural Rubber products such as tyres for industrial heavy vehicles, pneumatic tyres, surgical gloves, world renown branded Industrial Gloves i.e ATG Gloves, rubber products for white goods by processing raw rubber, high quality Coconut and Coconut based products leading the exports of Sri Lanka to Turkey. However, Sri Lanka has many more to offer which Turkey and its business community and people should taste and explore. Sri Lankan products always give a high quality, competitive prices and value for money for the customers.


We are exploring Turkish market for a mouthwatering variety of Sri Lankan Seafood, world famous Ceramic and Porcelain products, authentic Blue Sapphire and precious stones, Boat and Ship building, healthy Ayurveda and herbal products and quality apparel and garments.


The Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) the apex body of the country’s export promotion operates as a conduit for foreign buyers to find Sri Lankan reliable suppliers/ exporters and quality export products. SLEDB exporter portal (https://www.srilankabusiness.com/exporters-directory/) gives information on our exporters/ suppliers.


Sri Lanka-Turkey Trade Volume

Year Sri Lanka’s imports
from Turkey
(US $ Millions)
Sri Lanka’s exports to
(US $ Millions)
Total Trade
(US $  Millions)
2012 37.40 84.43 121.83
2013 36.71 90.97 127.68
2014 51.96 98.17 150.13
2015 51.18 87.86 139.04
2016 51.63 105.11 156.74
2017 70.92 113.80 184.72
2018 119.04 100.68 219.72
2019 79.87 97.84 177.71
2020 74.07 86.24 160.31

Source: Turkish Statistical Institute